"The history of art is the history of revivals"
Samuel Butler
(Thanks to Norman Field)

Welcome to our concert! You can read on our website about our Historically Informed Performance (HIP) decisions and why you will have new sonic experiences; not only with familiar works from the "canon" and new works by living composers but also in the revival of 18th century works, previously unplayed in living memory. This month, Arwen has chosen the programme and contributed a new edition of a cantata by Graupner.

 today’s pearl is the chalumeau

The Ouverture by Fasch contains some interesting colours: It’s not often that we get to hear bassoon and violins in unison, as in the "trio" section of the last minuet. Wind-only trio sections are also quite rare but today’s pearl is the chalumeau.

Chalumeaux were made in different sizes -soprano (heard today), alto and tenor- and were developed into the clarinet, which retains the name "chalumeau" for its lower register.

The soprano chalumeau, with quite a limited range and repertoire, was also quite awkward to play - the finger holes are so close together that some players need to lubricate their fingers with talcum powder. With the rise of the clarinet, it went from obscurity to oblivion; or did it? It may well have survived in Klesma and did briefly reappear in the late 1920s, in the hands of bass-saxophone virtuoso Adrian Rollini, as the "Hot Fountain Pen" - a pocket-sized mini-clarinet that was featured on a few recordings, including some very rare takes with pianist, bandleader and composer, Fred Elizalde.

With the current political situation in Holland making funding increasingly difficult to find, we must rely more on your direct support in order to continue out influential work. After the concert, please give as much as you can afford to. We recommend a minimum donation of ten Euros. Please also see our website for other ways to donate.

Mike Diprose
November 2010


Chr. Graupner
Wache auf, meine Ehre, GWV 1101/12

J.F. Fasch
Ouverture in d, FWV K:d3
for 2 oboes, soprano-chalumeau, strings and continuo

J. S. Bach
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland I, BWV 61 audience’s favourite

Sunday 28th November 2010